Nepal Update

Nepal Update

Our thoughts are with Nepal in wake of the recent earthquake. We will be updating this page with information about the Deboche nuns (our current project in Nepal) along with the next steps AWB-Seattle may take in supporting the long-term recovery efforts. We are happy to share that all the nuns from the Deboche Nunnery are safe, as well as those that AWB-Seattle is partnering with on the Nepal projects. However, the prayer hall has sustained “extreme damage.”

Donations to disaster relief organizations

We encourage you to consider donating to the American Himalayan Foundation to support disaster relief and the recovery effort to come. After assessing the damage and preparing to assist with clean up, repairs and new construction efforts will begin to help families return home as soon as possible.

Updates from Laura Rose, Deboche Nunnery Project Lead

Tuesday, May 5th from Laura Rose, Project Lead

Here are photos of the damage of the Deboche Nunnery from SummitClimb.



Tuesday, April 28th 12:00 PM from Laura Rose, Project Lead

There is finally news to share from Deboche.  Below is the update received from Marcia MacDonald, AWB’s Deboche project sponsor in Maine:
 “I have just gotten word from Mingma who received a call from Deboche. It is with great sadness that I must report that the nunnery and especially the prayer hall has sustained extreme damage from the earthquake. The good news is that I am to understand that the nuns are safe. I will know more when either Dan or Mingma can give us a full report. I am not surprised by this news as when we had our meeting with the contractor we saw the damage from past smaller quakes. We cannot let this detour our efforts. The good news is that when we can safely transfer funds to Kathmandu. $50,000 will be on the way to start the restoration. I can only hope that they have been able to save some of the precious art in the hall. I had sent $3500 to Dan to help with smaller repairs before this disaster. I am hoping we can use this for immediate relief from the devastation our nunnery has endured. Prayers for our nuns, friends and all in Nepal”
It is such a relief that the nuns appear to be OK. I am very saddened but not surprised by the report of the damage, especially to the prayer hall. The thick perimeter stone walls were already failing and structurally compromised, as we saw from the trip last April. On a positive note, The Deboche Project organization already had funds in hand to restore the prayer hall, so at least this work can start up quickly. I would expect that acquiring building supplies and construction labor is going to be very challenging for the near term though- but Marcia, Dan and Mingma have certainly demonstrated how resourceful they can be, based on their other projects at Deboche!

Tuesday, April 28th 10:00 AM from Laura Rose, Project Lead

You may have already heard but I wanted to share the wonderful news that Dan Mazur is now safe back at Basecamp via helicopter! We were also relieved to receive confirmation that Mingma Sherpa (the local project lead for the Deboche project) is safe- he was leading a climbing group in the remote Mustang area of Nepal when the earthquake occurred. His wife and daughter are safe, but their house is severely damaged.
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