Kenya | Mama Maria Clinic



Project Location:

Muhuru Bay, Kenya

Project Partner:

Mama Maria Clinic and Village Volunteers

Project Team:

Krista Lutz, Brian Zeallear, Steve Gawronski, Mike Mascaro, Jim Brinkley, Katherine Van Anda, Adelaide Fusillo, Jenny Burdzinski


Project Description:

Architects Without Borders – Seattle was asked to design a medical clinic with potential for future growth on the shores of Lake Victoria in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. The clinic was renting a space, but purchased land to build a new space of their own, that could also function as the center of a community. As designed, the project would be entirely self-sustaining, using solar power and pumped/filtered water from the nearby lake. This project was in collaboration with Village Volunteers and Peter Kithene, a UW pre-med student who returned home to run the clinic when he has completed school. We also partnered with a volunteer engineer associated with Village Volunteers to do on-site analysis.


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